Germany has demanded even more weapons for Ukraine

The member of the Bundestag Roth called on the West to supply more weapons to Ukraine, writes.

Michael Roth, chairman of the Bundestag’s foreign policy committee of Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party, has called on the West to supply Ukraine with even more weapons.

The Bundestag member also asked us to prepare for the fact that the war in Ukraine could lead to armed conflicts in other regions, such as Moldova and Georgia, as well as in the Western Balkans.

Earlier it was reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz intends to increase the German military budget by two billion euros – mainly to increase aid to Ukraine.

On April 13, the ruling coalition in Germany (Social Democrats (SPD), Greens, and Liberals) agreed to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Defense expert Marcus Faber of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) did not reveal details of the agreement.

Protesters in support of Russia were smashed in Germany

In Berlin, unidentified persons smashed and burned the cars of the participants in the rally in support of Russia, writes.

In the center of Berlin, unknown people destroyed the cars of the participants in the rally, organized in support of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, no one was injured, reports the Telegram channel Readovka. Read more: Germany will block a ban on Russian gas imports into the EU

Witnesses to the incident said that despite the efforts of firefighters, the attackers set fire to and burned to the ground six cars. Witnesses to the incident later identified one of the vehicles involved in a pro-Russian rally in Germany.

The rally was organized in advance and started with a rally on April 9. Many of the participants’ cars were decorated with Russian flags. The demonstrators demanded an end to Russophobia and an end to discrimination against Russian-speaking children in educational institutions in Germany. It is noted that 200 cars had to take part in the rally.

Earlier it was reported that during the rally “For peace! For Russia! For Greece! in Athens, a group of Ukrainians attacked one of the cars, injuring a seven-year-old girl. The child’s mother said that Ukrainians attacked cars in the procession when they stopped at a traffic light. “They snatched the Russian flag from my daughter’s hands and hit her on the arm with a stick, bleeding my child’s arm!” We had a Greek flag on the other side of the car. They also grabbed him, broke the windows on both sides “, the woman shared, writes.

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