Germany will stop importing oil and gas from Russia

By the end of the year, Germany will completely suspend oil imports from Russia, Foreign Minister Analena Berbok said after talks with counterparts from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in Riga.

“So I say clearly: Yes, and Germany will stop importing energy from Russia,” Burbock said.

“By the summer we will cut supplies in half, and by the end of the year, we will reduce them to zero. Gas will follow, within a common European schedule, until we completely abandon it. We must work intensively to end our energy dependence on Russia. ”

Errors in energy policy

Burbock acknowledged that Germany had made mistakes regarding Russia’s energy supplies. “We made mistakes, but we can’t turn the clock back – we can’t undo them.”

Security in Europe is about reducing dependence on Russia, especially in the energy sector. “We want to cut off all gas supplies, and better today than tomorrow,” Burbock said. She pointed out that the Baltic states have timely adopted a policy aimed at reducing dependence on Russian gas.

Burbock promised support for the Baltic states

The German foreign minister assured the Baltic republics that Germany would provide them with more military support. “If there is a need, we will do more here in the Baltics,” Burbock said. NATO’s eastern flank protects not only the security of the Baltic but of the whole of Europe. “Germany will do what it needs here on the ground,” she said.

The head of Lukoil has resigned

Vagit Alekperov resigned early as head of the Lukoil oil company and left the board of directors, TASS reports. The reason for his departure is not clear yet.

The company notes that Alekperov does not own a controlling stake in Lukoil. Directly as a shareholder, he owns only 3.12% of the shares, and also under his control are another 5.43% of the non-voting shares that Alekperov owns through funds.

Alekperov has headed Lukoil since 1993 and is one of Russia’s most powerful oil tycoons. Between 1990 and 1992, he was Deputy Minister for the Oil and Gas Industry, then headed the LanpegasUrayKogalimneft concern, then renamed Lukoil. Since 1993 he has been the president of the company with the current name, until 2000 he also headed its board of directors.

Alekperov is on the US and British sanctions lists for Russia’s war against Ukraine. According to Forbes, his fortune is estimated at $ 15 billion, he is in the top 10 richest Russians. Lukoil is the second-largest oil company in the Russian Federation. Alekperov is also resigning from the company’s board of directors, Lukoil said in a statement, quoted by TASS. Vagit Alekperov left the company after 29 years of work in it. He was elected it’s President and Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1993.

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