Israel: We successfully tested a laser missile defense system

Israel announced today that it has successfully tested a powerful laser missile defense system, an Israeli development, DPA reported.

According to the Ministry of Defense, drones, missiles, and artillery shells were intercepted in a series of tests of the Iron Beam system. “Today, for the first time, a powerful laser system made in Israel has successfully intercepted various targets, which is a global breakthrough,” said Israeli Defense Minister Benny Ganz.

The name of the new missile defense system is close to the name of the mobile air defense system Iron Dome, which ensures the security of Israeli airspace. Both systems were developed by Israel’s state arms company, Rafael.

Germany wants all details from Israel about Strela 3 missile shield

A delegation of German lawmakers is in Israel to familiarize themselves with the country’s Strela 3 missile shield, as Berlin is considering buying its defense system.

A group of ten people got acquainted with the system, confirmed yesterday by the head of the German Parliamentary Committee on Defense Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann after a visit to the Israeli Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv. Numerous meetings are planned as part of the trip, which will continue until tomorrow.

On Sunday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz told ARD that Berlin was considering building an Israeli-style missile shield for the whole of Germany.

The Arrow system is capable of destroying approaching long-range ballistic missiles and operates very high above the Earth, even in the stratosphere. It has nothing to do with Israel’s anti-missile shield, called the Iron Dome, which is designed for lower-range short-range missiles. The Bundeswehr has the Patriot system for protection against short-range missiles.

The chancellor is considering creating a missile shield to protect the whole of Germany

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is considering the creation of an Israeli-based defensive missile shield to protect the whole of Germany.

“This is one of the things we are discussing, and rightly so,” the chancellor told ARD TV yesterday when asked if a missile defense shield should be used in Germany. “We all need to prepare for the fact that we have a neighbor who is currently ready to use force to assert his interests. That is why we need to work together to ensure that this does not happen,” Scholz said, referring to Russia. invasion of Ukraine.

The German leader declined to comment on details of the possible plan, saying it was not yet final.

Earlier, the German newspaper Bild reported that Germany was considering buying Israel’s Strela 3 system, which will cost 2 billion euros ($ 2.2 billion). This system would give new opportunities to the Bundeswehr, as it is capable of destroying long-range ballistic missiles at high altitudes, including in the stratosphere.

The news was welcomed by the leader of Germany’s opposition Christian Democratic Union, Friedrich Merz, who said the plan was “a strategic response worth considering” because of the latent threat from Russia.

A Bundestag delegation was expected to leave for Israel on Sunday to learn more about missile defense systems. Numerous meetings are planned during the visit, and the visit itself is scheduled to last until Thursday.

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