Macron said what the French wanted to hear

Just hours before his victory was announced, Emmanuel Macron gave an interview with French, Italian, and German journalists.

The questions were extremely relevant and the answers – were full of anxiety and realism.

Initially, the French president warned that the war in Ukraine could stop, but it could also grow in a “vertical” or “horizontal” direction. The first case involves the inclusion of non-classical weapons, such as chemical or ballistic nuclear missiles. The second possibility for growth is the intervention of states outside the current war. We must oppose such an opportunity because it will split the world into two hostile parts.

On the one hand, the United States and Europe are against Russia. Major countries such as China, India, and the Persian Gulf do not support European initiatives or sanctions against Moscow. That is why countries like France, Italy, and Germany can be intermediaries to prevent such a geopolitical split. Otherwise, Europe risks finding itself at first in the role of “vassal” of the victors of this crisis, and subsequently disintegrate.

Asked to send heavy offensive weapons to Ukraine, Macron said each country is free to decide according to its views and interests. He, as president of France, in agreement with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, believes that sending offensive weapons such as tanks, planes, and others with higher destructive qualities does not lead to peace, but the continuation of hostilities. Together with Germany, we will help the Ukrainians, but as direct participants in the war – we will not.

An Italian journalist turned to Emmanuel Macron, quoting Mario Draghi’s hesitation as to whether Putin should still be talked about. The French president replied – We were all shocked by the show in “Bucha”. Zelensky himself is trying to get in touch with the Russian president but without success. I succeed. What will happen if I stop? The issue of a possible truce when the fire stops will be decided between Putin, the Turkish president, the Indian prime minister, and the Chinese president.

Or peace in post-war Europe will depend on the will of “no” Europeans. Therefore, even if there is no concrete result so far, we must persevere. We cannot let others decide for us. There is simply no other way out.

Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. He is an intelligent man and does not fight by accident. To some extent, it seeks to restore the 19th and 20th centuries. Comments are redundant. This is the reality. I believe that this man seeks to leave the mark of greatness on the Russian people.

Putin hardly wants History to remember him with devastation and violence. This is the string I believe in and will not leave, because it is our duty as Europeans to be present at the negotiating table when the war is over. We must build peace on our land through a new collective security and safety agreement, Macron was quoted as saying by Ouest-France.

Macron’s language is radically different from Biden’s militancy. It has nothing to do with Kuleba’s impudence and Zelenski’s cries. The French understood him and voted for him for the next 5 years.

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