Moldova has called for international support for the reception of refugees

Moldova needs strong international support to deal with the influx of people fleeing neighboring Ukraine.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of the country Natalia Gavrilitsa at a donation conference in Berlin, quoted by the Associated Press.

There are now about 100,000 refugees from Ukraine in Moldova, or about a quarter of those who have entered the country since late February, Gavrilica said. She added that her country of 2.5 million has tried to create decent conditions for refugees thanks to the “unprecedented mobilization” of the public and private sectors. But he added that tackling this flow is one of the biggest challenges any Moldovan government has faced in the past three decades.

According to her, in addition to financial assistance, Moldova needs help to connect its electricity grid to that of Romania. Gavrilitsa also asked the EU to open its market to agricultural imports from her country.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced at a donation conference that the federal republic would provide a 50m-euro loan to Moldova in addition to a 40m-euro aid package to deal with the refugee influx, the DPA reported, citing a government spokesman. The new credit line aims to provide more comprehensive financial support to deal with, for example, high energy prices.

Crimea is preparing a law on the ubiquitous nationalization of the property of Ukrainian politicians and businessmen

Crimea is preparing urgent legislation allowing the nationalization of property and assets of Ukrainian businessmen and politicians, but also the assets of foreign companies.

Today, the Crimean government has absently supported a legislative initiative to submit to the Russian parliament a federal bill to seize property from foreigners from “enemy countries”, according to a statement on the Crimean parliament’s website, quoted by Russian media.

A day earlier, Crimean President Sergei Aksyonov announced the impending nationalization of the property of “Ukrainian oligarchs, politicians, and officials who support the Kyiv regime and Nazism” and explained that the decision would be introduced by law to be passed by parliament. of the Crimea.

The list of property of Ukrainian businessmen and politicians subject to nationalization in Crimea will include an apartment of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, RIA Novosti reported, citing an official statement from the Crimean government. We are talking about real estate in the village of Livadia in the Yalta region. Earlier, Aksonov said that hotels on the peninsula, owned by Ukrainians, could be nationalized.

The prepared nationalization will cover real and movable property, capital, deposits, securities, corporate property, etc. without the right to compensation.

The bill also envisions the nationalization of existing businesses where the foreign owner has ceased operations and the seizure is necessary to “preserve jobs”. Earlier, it was reported that 60 companies, including McDonald’s, IKEA, Apple, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Toyota, and others, are included in the list of companies whose offices in Russia can be nationalized.

If the document is adopted by the State Duma, each subject of the Russian Federation will be able to determine the procedure for applying the law.

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