Moscow promises a legal battle against the seizure of Russian assets

Moscow will fight attempts to seize Russian property abroad in courts around the world.

This was stated by former Russian President and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in a post on the social network Telegram, Reuters reported.

“Our opponents need to understand that they will face a large number of lawsuits. “Both in national courts in the United States and Europe and international courts,” he wrote.

Medvedev was Russia’s president from 2008 to 2012 and prime minister from 2012 to 2020. He is now deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council.

EU expands sanctions list against Russia with more goods and raw materials

A new, even more, extensive sanctions list banning raw materials and goods from Russia will include another package of EU sanctions, according to preliminary information from several foreign media.

The European Union plans to ban supplies of cement, timber, rubber, chemicals, vodka, and caviar from Russia, Reuters reported, citing a well-informed source after European Foreign Minister Josep Borrell announced earlier today that an agreement would be reached today. another new package of sanctions following recent revelations of terror and the massacre of Ukrainian civilians in Bucha and several other Ukrainian cities that were until recently under Russian occupation.

According to Reuters, the restrictions could also affect exports of semiconductors and equipment to Russia, including what is needed to produce liquefied natural gas.

According to Bloomberg, as part of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, the EU intends to propose a ban on imports of Russian coal. Details of the embargo and the deadline for phasing out coal are still under discussion, according to well-informed sources.

The European Commission is also considering a ban on “most Russian trucks and ships” entering the European Union.

The new European sanctions against Russia will also affect the supply of aviation fuel, aircraft leasing, trade-in steel, luxury goods, etc., the American television channel CNBC reported.

In the banking sector, the new sanctions will affect VTB and three other Russian credit institutions excluded from the international SWIFT system. A complete ban on all transactions with them is expected.

The list of sanctions against Russian businessmen, the military, and politicians will also be expanded.

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