Russian court fines blocked media for not hiding information

Radio Liberty, the Russian service of Radio Free Europe, was fined 800,000 rubles (about 10,500 euros) by a Moscow court for failing to remove information from its restricted website.

The radio is threatened with another 64 million rubles. fines for failure to remove information about the war in Ukraine, which was considered by the authorities to be false, Russia’s Interfax news agency reported.

She added that the radio had refused to remove information on the number of killed civilians and Russian servicemen, as well as final statements against Russia. Several lawsuits are pending against the media, which has been designated by the authorities as a foreign agent, with a total fine of 240 million rubles.

The website of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty was blocked in Russia at the beginning of the war, along with other foreign media outlets, which were accused of spreading false information about what was happening in Ukraine.

Since 2021, Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has drawn up more than 800 acts of the radio and its CEO for violations of the requirement for foreign media to label their materials. The court imposed fines of almost 230 million rubles for the lack of the inscription “foreign agent” on the radio publications, some of which have already entered into force, reminding “Interfax”.

NATO is ready to give weapons to Ukraine for years

NATO is ready to support Ukraine in the war against Russia for years, including helping Kyiv move from Soviet-era weapons to modern Western weapons and systems, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday.

He was speaking after the Kremlin warned that Western arms supplies to Ukraine, including heavy weapons, posed a threat to the European continent’s security “and provoked instability”.

“We need to be prepared for the long term. This war will likely last for months and years,” Stoltenberg said at a youth summit in Brussels.

The NATO chief said the West would continue to put maximum pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin to end hostilities through sanctions and economic and military aid to Kyiv.

“NATO allies are preparing to provide long-term support and also help Ukraine move from old Soviet-era equipment to more modern NATO-standard weapons and systems, which will also require more training,” he said. Stoltenberg.

Most of the heavy weapons that NATO countries have sent to Ukraine so far are Soviet-made weapons that are still in the inventory of Eastern European NATO countries, but the United States and some other allies have begun to supply more modern weapons to Kyiv. weapons.

Germany announced on Tuesday the delivery of Cheetah tanks equipped with anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine – the first heavy weapons Berlin approves for Kyiv.

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