The dehumanization of the enemy

In modern war, and not only it, but an extremely effective means of mobilizing the people is also the dehumanization of the enemy.

Information is being spread to show that the enemy is treacherous and cruel, that his actions are misanthropic and contrary to all conceivable human and social values.
However, when it comes to the vile and dirty war of the racists against Ukraine, it is not necessary to resort to deliberate and tendentious, exaggerated and exaggerated dehumanization of the enemy – it is enough just to tell what this mad and immoral enemy is doing!

The Bashibozuk of the marauders of Mordor commits such atrocities, demonstrates such animalistic, bestial behavior, shows such a ferocious and ugly face, transcends all reasonable and conceivable limits of human behavior, that the truth about him and the truth about him are enough to become it is clear how far from any humanity the enemy of hell is.

There have been atrocities and atrocities in other wars as well, but so few atrocities and atrocities have been committed in such a short time. The Rashin hordes surpassed all limits, they proved to be monsters without conscience and morals – nasty, disgusting, disgusting, and ugly.
If you think about it, that was to be expected.

Putin has corrupted Russian society. He built a state in which the right of force is above the force of law. A country where sharp nails and iron teeth determine who is who and who is how much. A country where the oligarchs own the country’s main resources, and the proximity to the autocrat guarantees an insane standard of living, while local infrastructure collapses, people are held in steel-spiked gloves by special services, and any opposition behavior is punished by imprisonment or death by a mercenary Chechen or a Chekist hand.

In such conditions of lack of rules as the basic rule of life, the public consciousness is damaged and ceases to form positive values. Everyone is faced with a personal choice – to howl with the wolves in the society of wolf laws or to maintain their integrity and keep a clear conscience.

When it comes to being moral, ethical, honorable, and worthy of personal choice, it means that society has begun to degrade, socialize, desocialize, and disorganize.
Personal elections have never been decisive for society’s choices. Society is a collective whole and a community body and it must build and incorporate norms and rules that are universally applicable to all.

The years of Putin’s unlimited power have trampled on all reasonable and acceptable norms of public conduct. The stronger, richer, higher in society, with more connections and interdependencies, is stronger, more successful, more meaningful, and more righteous.

So many cunning and dexterous, enterprising and snapping Russians understood what was wanted and began to adapt, build careers and wealth – with bribes and conflicts of interest, providing “roof” (roof, protection, patronage, protection), with deceptions and lies, with speculation and quick financial blows.

And because the vast majority of ordinary Russians were not up for such activities, they could not or did not dare to resort to them, but their value system was collapsing. They did not act immorally or illegally just because they lacked prudence or courage. But their souls were already corrupt. They learned the main thing – only fools follow rules, only naive people do not steal, only fools do not deceive others, only gullible people allow themselves the luxury of being honest. They knew with rage and ill-concealed malice – you can’t be a wolf, but know that if you get a chance to show your teeth – bite, gnaw, tear, gut, rape.

In the wolf society, there is a place for hyenas and jackals – they wait for the wolves to eat, then gnaw the remains. But if allowed weak and defenseless prey, they show their hyena and jackal character.

Putin corrupted Russian society as a society, corrupted it, killed its conscience, desecrated its humanity, and made it callous and selfish.

Unlike socialism, Putin did not offer society anything positive, some ideology, some values, some imperatives.
Socialism suggested to the Soviet people that they were a subject in the pursuit of a lofty idea, in the construction of a – sometime in the future – humane society.

Putin has turned the Russians into the object of his imperial plans, into cannon fodder for his megalomaniacal ambitions, into a fertilizer on which to grow his grotesque mania for greatness.

The consequences of Putin’s rule will be rooted in the soul of Russian society for a long time if it is a soul and not a repository of absurd mania, obsessions, complexes, and phobias.

Unfortunately, Putin started this terrible war with Ukraine and the internal problems of Russian society came to the surface and became a problem for civilization.
This gave room for the sludge of Russian society. The war broke the crust of impersonality, outsiders, marginality, alcoholism, and ossification in many bottom strata of Russia. And under that crust, he vomited and spat pus.

What fear and mediocrity had come to the surface. Almost cannibalistic cruelty was rejected – that of the superfluous and used for Putin’s manic cyclophrenia fake personality, that of the failed man in his life, the unfortunate creation for which the Putin regime does not give five bucks, the semi-individual serving for cannon fodder and nothing more than cannon fodder. To the two-legged creature who knows only one thing – kill or you will be killed, destroy or flee.

This is what we see in this war – the gangrene of the monster society created by Putin, the mucus that flows from the damaged glands of this society. The atrocities that are taking place on such a staggering scale and such a hateful scale are not the behavior of some individual soldiers or officers – they are the behavior of what Putin has turned Russia into.

And I feel sorry for those millions of Russians who are part of such a society, who are disgusted by such behavior of Russia but very wrongly decided that by remaining silent and remaining honest and respectable, the corruption caused by Putin’s government will not tarnish them, it will not stick to them like an indelible stain.
What a bitter delusion! What a catastrophic tragedy!

Russia has been disgraced by this war and it will be a disgrace to the entire Russian people. Tomorrow, when Russian speech is heard somewhere in the democratic world, people will look at these people with contempt and disgust, turn their backs on them, resent them, and avoid them.

The question is whether Russia will one day go through catharsis, self-purification, an apology for its actions, or rejection of everything related to Putinism.
I do not know. I’m not convinced.

But I hope that can happen. I’m sure it has to happen. In order not to make Russia an eternal symbol of evil, inhumanity, war crimes, and the bottom that a nation can reach under the rule of a monster from the pack of tyrants and satraps, considered the most inhumane people possible. gave birth to our Humanity.

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