The EU has called on China to help end the war in Ukraine

The European Union has called on China to assume its responsibility as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and to help end the war in Ukraine, or at least not to support Russia financially and militarily.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang spoke separately with European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Friday over video conferencing at the EU-China summit for the past two years.

“Prolonging the war and continuing the difficulties in world trade are not in anyone’s interest, especially China’s,” von der Leyen told a news conference, recalling that the EU’s daily trade with China is $ 1.5 billion and that of Russia and China. over 300 million

Von der Leyen said the EU had urged Beijing “if it does not support sanctions against Russia, not to interfere in any way” by providing financial or military assistance to Moscow. The President of the European Commission pointed out that this would cause significant reputational damage to China in Europe.

At the same time, she acknowledged that the war in Europe is not of paramount interest to Beijing, which is currently battling a severe wave of COVID-19, the need to create jobs and tackle high housing prices.

“We agree with China that war threatens world security and the world economy. This double instability is not in the interests of China and the EU,” said Charles Michel. He added that “any attempt to circumvent sanctions or help Russia will prolong the war”.

Speaking to EU leaders that Beijing has always sought peace and encouraged negotiations, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang explained that Beijing is doing it “in its way”, Reuters reported, citing state-run CCTV.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, who took part in a separate virtual meeting with the two EU leaders, said he hoped the European Union could form its point of view on China “independently”, CCTV added.

He expressed a desire for the EU to pay more attention to bilateral relations and world peace, and that China and Europe must ensure stability in an unstable world, CCTV reported.

Apart from the war, Von der Layen said that Brussels had raised the issue of trade restrictions imposed by China on Lithuania, which opened an embassy in Taiwan, as well as the lifting of sanctions against MEPs for supporting Taiwan. European leaders have raised the issue of improving business conditions for European companies in China, the working conditions of Chinese workers, and the treatment of minorities.

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