With promises of change and the fight against corruption, the opposition has won the Australian election

Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged his defeat in Saturday’s election by the opposition Australian Labor Party, ending nearly a decade of conservative rule in Australia.

Uncertain results show that Morrison’s Liberal-National Coalition has been punished by voters in Western Australia, and in particular by wealthy urban neighborhoods.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is likely to be Australia’s next prime minister. In front of his supporters after the announcement of the forecast results, he sent a message of unity to all Australians and called on them to take advantage of opportunities to “shape change instead of shape it” and said that together the country can “end climate wars”, to become a “superpower” of renewable energy, and to strengthen the economy, health, and child care, reports the BBC.

Albanese promised to set up a national anti-corruption commission and reaffirmed its commitment to promoting women’s and indigenous rights.

With more than half of the votes counted, Labor will certainly reach 76 of the 151 seats in the lower house of parliament needed to form an independent government, Reuters reports.

Labor focused its campaign on rising inflation and slow wage growth as Morrison Conservatives tried to win votes, reminding them that unemployment in Australia had reached its lowest level in almost half a century.

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