The transport and logistics industry in Germany is on the verge of bankruptcy

The transport and logistics industry in Germany expects a shortage of truck drivers and a possible wave of bankruptcies amid events in Ukraine.

“Events in Ukraine are exacerbating the existing shortage of truck drivers. In 2021, their share of Ukraine in Germany is 7%. They worked on routes from Germany to Poland and Lithuania. Now the deficit is 60,000 -70,000 drivers. Due to the widespread shortage of truck drivers across Europe, they cannot be replaced in the short term, “said Dirk Engelhardt, a spokesman for the Federal Freight and Logistics Association.

This affects the speed of replenishment of goods in stores, which leads to their temporary absence from the market. Another aggravating factor is the high prices, including diesel. Prices are rising compared to last year, which increases the pressure on companies. “Many transport companies have reached the limits of their financial capabilities. Due to the outflow of liquidity, the sector is threatened by a wave of bankruptcies. Then the supply of the population and the economy will be in danger, “warns Engelhard.

German politics is a “pile of rubble”

The leader of Germany’s opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Friedrich Merz, has seen Germany’s foreign policy over the past 20 years as wrong and criticized Chancellor Olaf Scholz for slow arms deliveries to Ukraine.

“German foreign and security policy over the last 20 years is a pile of rubble. When this war is over, we need to carefully analyze why it happened,” he told Bild am Sonntag.

According to him, Germany is not doing enough to support Ukraine, while the government is busy arguing over the supply of weapons to the authorities in Kyiv. “The chancellor is constantly creating smokescreens. He is hiding, telling only half the truth. Criticism abroad is growing and Germany is becoming more isolated,” Merz said.

According to HDZ leader Scholz, he “pays too much attention” to Germany’s Social Democratic Party’s relations with Russia. He did not provide details.

On the supply of German weapons

The Social Democrat Scholz is under pressure for his unwillingness to supply Ukraine with deadly heavy weapons. In an interview with Der Spiegel magazine, he said he would do anything to prevent NATO from becoming a party to the conflict and starting a world war. At the same time, Berlin used to supply anti-aircraft systems and anti-tank weapons to Kyiv.

On April 21, the DPA reported, citing its sources, that the German government was preparing deliveries of Soviet T-72 tanks to Ukraine via Slovenia based on a so-called roundabout. The deal involved the supply of tanks from Slovenia to the country’s armed forces, and Germany undertook to replace them with German Marder infantry fighting vehicles and Fuchs armored personnel carriers. In Berlin, they believe that Ukrainians should not be trained to use Soviet T-72s, as they are already in service in the Ukrainian armed forces. According to DPA sources, Slovenia is demanding compensation not only from Marder and Fuchs but also from modern Leopard 2 tanks, Boxer, and Puma armored personnel carriers.

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