The United States asks: Why can't we protect our children?

The New York Times published the headline “Why Can’t We Protect Our Children?” letters from readers commenting on the bloodshed at a Texas school.

In one of the letters, a teacher from Florida said that her 10-year-old daughter hid with her classmates in a wardrobe or toilet during a school alarm and kept quiet so that the “bad man” would not find her. The letter states that this man is always a man, usually a young man, who has decided that the world has harmed him or owes him and chooses to terrorize those younger than him. The author is outraged that the country is complacent, calls for reform of firearms rules, and calls on Congress to show the American people “that we care more about children than weapons.”

Another reader, who introduced himself as a conservative Christian from California, said he grew up in an environment where the rules on safe gun ownership were strictly enforced, but now, after so much bloodshed in schools – 27 since the beginning of the year. asks whether maintaining the Second Amendment is more important than saving the life of a second-grader. The author declares that he is still a supporter of the right to own and carry weapons, guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, but also calls for stricter regulation in the retail trade in firearms. How can it be harder to get a driver’s license than to buy a large-caliber automatic rifle, the sender wonders?

A Minnesota reader said: “All teachers in this country must go on strike until normal gun laws are in place. That’s enough.”

A Kansas man agrees with President Joe Biden’s words that he is fed up with this senseless violence and that action must be taken but says it is not enough. According to him, the president must tell the American people what to do to get the wayward Congress to take action. The author of the letter invites Biden to tell people exactly what to do and states that they will do it.

A letter from New Jersey doubts that many prominent politicians who will deliver speeches at the National Firearms Association’s annual meeting tomorrow will be honest now, following the bloodshed at the Buffalo supermarket and Yuvaldi school, and support arms control measures, or will simply call for the appointment of more armed guards in schools and public buildings.

A Manhattan resident writes that it does not matter what the motives, the way of thinking, or the state of mind of the Yuvaldi shooter is. But if the 18-year-old had not been able to buy a semi-automatic military-style weapon in the country, then the young children and teachers who died on Tuesday would probably be alive, the woman wrote. For this shooting, she blames those federal and state lawmakers who voted against the laws restricting the proliferation of firearms.

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