The United States is sending another $ 300 million in military aid to Ukraine

The United States is providing additional security assistance of $ 300 million to Ukraine, Reuters reports.

It includes laser-guided missile systems, suicide bomber drones, Puma drones, anti-drone systems, armored vehicles, machine guns, ammunition, and communications systems. Commercial services for satellite monitoring and medical equipment are also provided.

Defense Ministry spokesman John Kirby said that since coming to power in January last year, President Joe Biden’s government has given Kyiv more than $ 2.3 billion in military aid, 1.6 billion of which has been transferred to Russia. invasion.

He pointed out that the aid is granted within the framework of the Security Assistance Initiative of Ukraine.

Kirby clarified that this does not mean that the Pentagon will provide equipment and funds from its reserves, but that the ministry will conclude the relevant contracts with the manufacturers. He assured that the United States continues to work with its allies and partners to provide additional opportunities to Ukraine.

In addition, Washington provides Kyiv with equipment in case Russia uses chemical or biological weapons.

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