The United States has warned: There will be consequences for countries that undermine sanctions against Russia

Countries that seek an advantage without condemning Russia’s “disgusting war” against Ukraine are short-sighted and will face consequences if they undermine Western sanctions.

This was warned by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, quoted by Reuters.

The United States and its partners “will not remain indifferent” to actions that undermine the broad sanctions imposed on Moscow and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the invasion, she said.

According to Yellen, the war between Russia and Ukraine has changed the outlook for the world economy, and the Biden administration has been determined to hold Russia accountable for its “horrific behavior” and violations of international law.

Rest assured, until Putin puts an end to his heinous war, the Biden administration will work with our partners to push Russia into economic, financial, and strategic isolation, she said.

Yellen said the Russian invasion has pushed many countries to take a united stand on Moscow in a way that could help shape the global response to other “unmet global challenges.”

However, some countries are still “standing by, perhaps seeing an opportunity to win by maintaining relations with Russia and filling the gap left by others,” she said, without naming specific countries.

According to her, such motives are short-sighted. The future of our international order, both for peace security, and economic prosperity are at stake, Yellen warned, reiterating that the united coalition will not be indifferent to actions that undermine sanctions.

The finance minister’s comment comes days after President Joe Biden warned India, which has not imposed sanctions on Moscow, that buying more oil from Russia is not in its interest and could hamper the US response to the war in Ukraine.

The EU will compensate the countries dependent on Russian gas

The EU is not helping to escalate the conflict in Ukraine but is trying to limit it. This was stated by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell in an interview with El Mundo, BGNES reported.

“We do not encourage war and we do not contribute to its spread,” he said. “We are trying to limit it both in the spatial dimension so that it does not affect other countries and in the vertical dimension, so as not to use more deadly weapons. We are making great diplomatic efforts,” he said. “We must try to end the war as soon as possible, but it is important to us how it ends. It must end with negotiations. ”

“We are helping Ukraine militarily,” Borrell said. “Hungary’s energy dependence on Russia is different from that of Spain,” he said. “There needs to be a unified response, but to that end, efforts must be made to show solidarity. The most affected EU countries will have to be compensated to be able to participate. “

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