YouTube blocked the famous Russian song "Do Russians want war"

Roskomnadzor explained the blocking on YouTube of the song “Do the Russians Want War”, brilliantly performed by Soviet singer Mark Bernes.

The regulator explained to that they insisted on the video hosting to remove the comments published under the video, containing information prohibited in the country.

The ministry noted that a modified text of the poem, including by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the list of extremist material, was published in the comments to the video. However, Roskomnadzor does not specify which specific poem it is.

As early as June 2016, the regulator sent a request to the YouTube administration to remove the relevant material. “The administration of the video hosting, instead of deleting the individual comments containing extremist materials, restricted access to the video itself, which does not contain prohibited information,” Roskomnadzor stressed.

Many media outlets have reported that the video for the song “Do the Russians Want War” has been blocked on YouTube for Russian users. When users try to open a video released in 2011, they receive a message that it is not available. “This content has been blocked from your country’s domain at the request of government agencies,” the hosting said.

The song “Do the Russians Want War” was first performed in 1961. The text was written by the famous Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko, with music by composer Eduard Kolmanovsky. Yevtushenko is believed to have resorted to the idea of ​​composing the song after a trip abroad, during which he was often asked questions about the war, which later formed the basis of the work.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor announced that YouTube and five other Internet platforms owned by the American company Google will begin to be labeled for violating Russian laws. The corresponding sign will appear in search engines.

Earlier it became known that Roskomnadzor banned Google advertising in Russia. It was specified that the measures taken will be in force until the company eliminates violations of Russian law.

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