Zelenski: if the last defenders of Mariupol are killed, there will be no truce talks

Zelenski warned that if the last defenders of Mariupol were killed, there would be no more truce talks.

His words mean three things.

First, that the heroism and self-denial of the Azov Battalion are a thing of the past, and second, that the Russians are achieving their goal of connecting Crimea with Donbas.

The third fact is the most tragic. It is due to Joe Biden’s hatred of Russia and his inability to judge who is causing it. Oh, Russia is the aggressor. Putin is a criminal! The Russians are cruel. At the moment, have the Americans in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan developed tourism? Why didn’t they listen to Emmanuel Macron’s words to stop hate speech? That sooner or later we should talk to Putin? That Russia will stay where it is and will not move elsewhere because of Zelensky. We are neighbors and there will be no Great Wall of China between us!

The first reason is the Americans themselves. They are good with computers, but other qualities are needed in geopolitics. Washington generals have estimated that of the 45 million Ukrainians, at least ten are capable of firing. That a territory twice as large as France could not be conquered and occupied by the Russians.

In theory, this is so. De facto, however, in Texas and California, they have never heard of a priest named Dimitar Donski. He led the men against the Mongol occupiers and the villas defeated the swords. It is the turn of the Japanese, Turks, and Chinese – the result is the same. The empire expanded and narrowed from Sakhalin to Alaska and from Crimea to Vladivostok. Russia has since been crowded with people with their eyes closed, but in most cases, they are more loyal to Russia than pure-blooded Russians.

Catherine the Great is German. Stalin is Georgian, Dzerzhinsky is Polish, and Lavrov is Armenian. The French do not forget Berezina. The Russians marched on the Chance Elise in 1812. The Germans were defeated at Stalingrad, and the Red Army stopped only after its soldiers hoisted the flag on the roof of the Reichstag. That is why Macron and Olaf Scholz speak in one voice and the call for negotiations before it is too late.

However, Zelenski “you are dead”. He was going to fight to the end. What is this theatrical heroism for, at the cost of a Ukraine turned into a desert? His friends Boris Johnson and Joe Biden will support him with nothing but money. Europeans will shelter millions of refugees, but will not send fighters to Odessa. There is only one way out. To find someone to convince Zelensky that only the White Flag will save his people.

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